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What is ASTRO?

The ASSOCIATION OF SUMMER THEATRES 'ROUND ONTARIO (ASTRO), founded in 1985, is a network of professional theatres committed to the support, growth, and cultivation of summer theatre in Ontario. By fostering partnerships, developing collaborative marketing strategies, sharing information and networking with a creative, co-operative spirit, ASTRO provides vital artistic and economic opportunities for all of its participants.

Members of ASTRO are dedicated to producing quality entertainment and to developing active partnerships in their respective communities in order to enhance both the economic and cultural life of Ontario.

ASTRO publishes an annual brochure, SUMMER THEATRE IN ONTARIO, and maintains this website in order to promote the professional activities of its members.

How does my theatre join ASTRO?

If you are a professional Ontario theatre that produces a summer season, you may be eligible for ASTRO membership. Click here for more information

When do you hold auditions?

ASTRO is an association of independent professional theatre companies - each company holds their own auditions at different times. Typically, summer companies start posting their audition notices around November, and by March, auditions are usually over.

To keep up-to-date on summer theatre auditions, contact the individual theatres early in the fall, or check the audition posting boards at Theatre Ontario on a regular basis.

For more information on ASTRO summer theatre auditions, click here.

How do I get the play I've written produced at a summer theatre?

Contact the theatres directly.

Many ASTRO theatres produce new Canadian works. For information about who is producing Canadian works this year, and the genres of shows being produced, go to the search by date. Canadian plays are identified by a maple leaf icon.

For a list of Artistic Directors and their theatre contact information, click here.

Where can I find out about job postings at ASTRO summer theatres?

Available non-performance jobs at ASTRO summer theatres can be found by going to our jobs page.

Can I get an ASTRO summer theatre contact list?

For a list of Artistic Directors and their theatre contact information, click here.